Harris Shoals Park

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  1. City Efforts
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Harris Shoals Park

This is a small local park within the City of Watkinsville; with picnic areas, baseball field, horse shoes, walking trails and shoals that are kid and dog friendly.  (Please remember GA state law, requires dogs to be on a leash).  There are three (3) pavilions available to reserve for gatherings or events.  Admission to the park is free.

The pavilion rentals are currently priced at $50.00 for four (4) hours or $90.00 for the day. NO CASH ACCEPTED.

Pavilion 1 has picnic tables                             Pavilion 2 has fireplace no tables                              Pavilion 3 has BBQ no tables

To rent a pavilion, call City Hall at 706-769-5161 or send your request via email.

The City's Efforts

The city has the following ongoing activities to protect natural resources:

  • Public Education: The city provides information on stormwater issues.
  • Public Participation: Look for opportunities to participate in stream clean-up activities.
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination: Decals are being installed to remind all of us not to dump in the storm drains.
  • Construction Site Control: The city and county are working together to enforce erosion control on construction sites.
  • Long-Term Stormwater Management: Permanent stormwater controls need to be maintained to protect water resources.
  • Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations: The city picks up trash and leaves/limbs, and maintains city property to minimize water pollution.

For more information, please view our Harris Shoals Park Brochure (PDF).