Council Committees

The following are working committees. Per the City of Watkinsville's Charter and Code, Council members should not be managing day to day activities of city employees or be involved in the execution of the city’s day to day business.  Ideally, these committees are setting strategies and determining how staff, consultants, or if necessary, Council members get work done. Committees should set strategy and timelines, work with staff and consultants to budget and develop processes for execution, and secure approval from Council if necessary. Committees that overlap with ongoing staff responsibilities or other committee matters should consult the Mayor and Manager if they are uncertain of how to manage their charge versus the responsibilities of city staff or other committees. 

STANDING COMMITTEES (Per Sec. 2-30 of City Code)

Finance and Personnel Committee

Work with mayor and manager on budget, human resources, compensation, long term financial planning, annual manager review, etc. 

Police Committee

Analyze budget request, capital requests, any law enforcement or public safety issues that need to come before council or where police chief needs support. This committee will be our voice and key liaison with law enforcement. 

Street and Property Committee

Maintenance of existing streets, properties and infrastructure.


Short Term

Breweries Committee (existing)

Harris Shoals Park Committee (existing)

  • Christine Tucker, Chair, Council, Post 4,, 706-369-1987
  • Amber Ignatius, Citizen, UNG Professor (Geography, Environment)
  • Lawrence Stueck, Citizen, Original creator of older playground
  • Sarah Cumuze, Chamber of Commerce representative
  • Peter Cates, ESP representative


Economic Development and Downtown Planning (new)

Develop strategies in concert with appropriate local and regional bodies and representatives to appropriately grow the tax base of Watkinsville. Key short-term priorities include downtown master planning process, entry signage and other tools to activate and strengthen downtown and to create jobs and opportunities for citizens. This committee will work closely with local businesses to ensure the health and success of businesses and to lure visitors to Watkinsville. 

Transportation and Mobility (Roads, Paths, Sidewalks, Connectivity) (new)

This committee will work to activate the council-approved transportation plan and work with the mayor and other local, regional and state authorities to maximize funding and accelerate implementation for other key city and county transportation initiatives.

Parks, Greenspace and Environment 

This committee will work to improve and activate all city owned parks to ensure maximum benefits for citizens and visitors to Watkinsville. The committee will evaluate and make recommendations on potential greenspace and park acquisitions and help plan for environmental related issues, including stormwater planning. Citizen members are non voting and may roll off when HSP committee transitions.

*Mayor may join any committee meeting as ex-officio voting member at his or her discretion
*Unless directed otherwise by a majority of mayor and council (3 elected officials), city manager may join any committee meeting
*Citizen/non-elected members of committees are non-voting unless otherwise noted