City Logo and Tagline

City of Watkinsville Reveals New Logo and Tagline

PrimaryLogosforWebsiteWATKINSVILLE, Ga., Aug. 24, 2022 – After a months-long process involving citizen and business owner focus groups, site visits to key locations, a public poll with more than 339 responses, and work by a group of seven community leaders, the City of Watkinsville tonight shared the results of a major branding initiative with design partner a. cape design. The branding effort was prompted by a need for new entrance signs to the community, but the new brand will also be used for new directional signage, downtown banners, “Made in Watkinsville” labels, new city letterhead, and a variety of other uses.

“Many business owners and citizens have asked us to update our entry signs to create a first impression that reflects energy and creativity of our residents and business owners,” said Mayor Brodrick. “Like a lot of small towns, we have never had a consistent logo, color or font family, and the council and I are excited to have a brand and tagline rooted in our past but leaning into our future.” 

The new tagline includes a color palette intentionally and thoughtfully selected based on iconic Watkinsville locations, including the door of the Old Watkinsville High School Gym (also known as Rocket Hall), “Main Street Blue” based on the barber pole on Main Street, and the front doors of Ashford Memorial Methodist Church. Even the font choices are rooted in the city’s history, reflecting fonts commonly found on old surveys.  The “W” used in the logo was custom designed brushstroke icon to reflect the city’s artistic strength and the forward-thinking nature of the community. 

The branding entailed the development of a new logo and tagline. The new tagline: “Come, Connect, Create” illustrates how Watkinsville is a welcoming community, one that not only provides a variety of ways to connect, but also values the creativity and inspiration of its local artists.

“We know people come to Watkinsville for a variety of reasons, and once they are here, we want them to connect with one another and create in whatever way they see fit: whether it is art, a new business, or a new family,” said Brodrick. “We are grateful to Allison Cape and her team for taking time to learn about Watkinsville and create a look and feel that is unique to our community.”

The new look for Watkinsville will take time to roll out. The city has approved funds for new signage the city, but other materials will be updated over time as the city budget allows.

For a look at the new brand, click here